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Four Ways Big Data Can Improve Manufacturing

Knowledge is power. That’s why “big data” is so hot right now: Data is information, and information put together the right way creates knowledge. More and more, technological improvements create an “Internet of Things” — computerized products that communicate via sensors and provide feedback to each other. Maybe they regulate house temperatures throughout the day […]

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What’s the difference between maintenance and repair?

Today, we want to discuss maintenance. More importantly, we want to talk about how maintenance differs from repair. Lots of people still confuse the two, but they couldn’t be more different. Repair is about minimizing damage and returning everything to normal. Maintenance, on the other hand, is about making sure repair never needs to happen. […]

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The Energy Industry and the Resurgence of Manufacturing

Along with US companies who are reshoring, recent trends suggest that the future economic powerhouse in the US will be carried by the energy industry. Oil and shale production, wind energy, hydraulic fracturing techniques, electric car manufacturers, and the upturn of solar energy production all influence how manufacturing could become the industrial powerhouse in the […]

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Manufacturing is Coming Back! 5 Reasons Why

The outlook of the U.S. Manufacturing sector has finally taken a positive turn. In recent years factory jobs have started to rise after decades of decline. Over the past 4 years, factory jobs have increased and overall factory output has risen in recent months. The general upturn in U.S. manufacturing is a result of favorable […]

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CMMS and Machine Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Did you know that manufacturers spend as much as 40% of their operating costs on maintenance? That doesn’t include downtime either. Most companies have a system in place to carry out short-term demand maintenance strategies, but to truly reduce downtime and maintenance expenses, a preventive maintenance strategy must be factored into the overall maintenance strategy. […]

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CMMS Software and Effective Asset Management

Asset management is a key advantage of using a CMMS solution. In order to meet production and service requirements, assets must be kept at peak operating conditions. Taking the entire “operational” picture into account, managers need a robust tool such as CMMS software for asset management.  A CMMS solution becomes a guiding factor in operational […]

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Using Key Performance Indicators to Track Asset Criticality

Smart facility managers know that all assets are not created equal. But determining which assets are critical to the workflow and operation of your company can be a challenge. Using key performance indicators (KPI’s) will help you rank asset criticality and create a maintenance strategy that will optimize asset performance, and reduce costs and risks. […]

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Take Your Maintenance Mobile

Want to get the most productivity and performance from your work crew and equipment assets? Take your maintenance management mobile now. Mobile technology and mobile computing have transformed the way the world communicates and conducts business. How has it impacted the world of facility maintenance management? Web-based CMMS gives authorized users access to their CMMS […]

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