CMMS for Manufacturing

The Energy Industry and the Resurgence of Manufacturing

Along with US companies who are reshoring, recent trends suggest that the future economic powerhouse in the US will be carried by the energy industry. Oil and shale production, wind energy, hydraulic fracturing techniques, electric car manufacturers, and the upturn of solar energy production all influence how manufacturing could become the industrial powerhouse in the US economy. Taking the whole picture into account, manufacturers have to consider how they will achieve maximum profitability through managing products, methods, and maintenance costs with Eagle Technology’s CMMS software.

In order to maximize profitability, manufacturers now take advantage of technology such as CMMS (computerized maintenance management software). Currently domestic and international demands are creating surges in new pipelines, mining equipment, metals, machinery manufacturing, plastic, rubbers, resin and chemical manufacturing. Manufacturers must keep a bird’s eye view eye on operating costs for products such as these. If the flow of production is not monitored correctly, companies can experience unnecessary financial losses.

Using CMMS software can prevent or reveal patterns that anticipate such losses, which is why manufacturers use CMMS software.

They can better manage operations by looking at data related to critical assets, downtime, failures, and other key performance indicators. Inventory stock levels are also tracked and efficiently managed through the use of CMMS software, and labor management becomes easier and more streamlined.

In fact, many companies see cost savings almost immediately after CMMS software methods are applied, thus maximizing their profitability from the initial installation.

Success with Eagle’s suite of Proteus CMMS products lies not simply with the software purchase alone, existing processes and goals are taken into consideration. Once the goals and processes are reviewed, they are incorporated into the implementation process. A common scenario for new CMMS users is the integration of CMMS software into a company’s overall strategic planning. This results in cost savings for years to come. For example, cheap natural gas is playing a big role in the manufacturing resurgence, for natural gas used to fuel plants costs a fraction of the price of its oil equivalent. Using CMMS software to review the cost of oil-based fuel might demonstrate that the switch to using natural gas will reduce costs. Another way to maximize profitability with CMMS software is by reducing maintenance costs.

Maintenance management using Eagle’s CMMS software maximizes profitability by improving machine operations, especially when a thorough preventive maintenance plan is established. By using preventive maintenance methods, manufacturers keep their machines in peak operating condition. Considering the number of machines and parts involved in large manufacturing plants or when drilling in the field, it is very important to use CMMS software that will support a good preventive maintenance plan. When a preventive maintenance plan is executed properly, manufacturers see an increase in production while simultaneously seeing a decrease in downtime.

In many cases, manufacturers can save up to 40 percent of their maintenance costs.

With manufacturing on the rise in the US along with the boom in the energy industry, it is very important for manufacturers to consider how to leverage technology to improve operations, reduce costs, and overall maximize profitability. Employing best-practices and time-proven CMMS software methods bring a whole new level of management to the manufacturing sector. As manufacturing makes a comeback in the US, manufacturers can incorporate CMMS software into their overall business strategy to support their company’s goals with efficient and cost-effective management practices.

Is your company seeing an increase in production due to the revitalization of the manufacturing industry? We would like to invite you to schedule a demo for Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS software, or call us to speak with one of our informative sales agents at 262-241-3845.

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