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Repair, Replace, Repeat – Enterprise Asset Management the Wrong Way

We live in a disposable culture. We buy, use, discard and replace once we can afford to. Many modern products aren’t designed to be fixed because that could cost the manufacturer future sales. It’s called “planned obsolescence,” and it’s a part of every industry from fashion to cars to computers.

wrong-way1For example, say you’re getting a new wash machine delivered from Best Buy. The delivery person says “This is a nice wash machine, but don’t expect it to last like your old one did”. That old machine lasted 25 years, washing for a family of 6, a mother-in-law, dogs and cats. The repairman came once, but even he’s out of business these days, leaving you with an overly-complex new machine with more ways to break than ever before, and no one left to fix it.

So what does this washing machine have to do with Enterprise Asset Management?  In the corporate world, the stakes are heightened. You’re constantly investing in manufacturing equipment, custom machines, robots, and all the associated belts, conveyors and gears. These parts have to be reliable, ensuring more up-time, thus yielding top dollar from the investments. Many companies address this need with an army of maintenance people who are asked to keep assets running. Sometimes there are parts that if replaced could save the company money, or improve energy usage, or increase profit margins, yet we keep “fixing” because we wrongly think it’s easier and cheaper.

Here’s something we hear from potential clients:

“Preventive Maintenance or Predictive maintenance is something those really sophisticated companies do, not us. We don’t have the time or budget or man-power for that.” 

This is almost never true. There is a better way, and we want to help you get there. By setting up scheduled maintenance with automated work orders, managers are able to address potentially costly issues before they become costly issues. This means more up-time and less repair costs. A smarter operation means more product for your customers not more headaches for your manager.

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